Colorado Automobile Dealers Association: California Mandates Would Punish Colorado Drivers

DENVER, June 19, 2018 — Tim Jackson, president and CEO of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, issued this statement today:

“Let’s not California-ize Colorado. We can’t afford to cede Colorado’s environmental policy to an unelected board of California regulators. Our state is fundamentally different. Because of Colorado’s mountainous terrain, winter weather, outdoor industries and adventurous recreational pursuits, three in four consumers here choose vehicles from the light truck category (which includes SUVs and AWDs). California sales are closer to half light trucks and half cars.

“Today’s new passenger vehicles – including all technologies — are the cleanest and most fuel-efficient ever. Every time we replace an old vehicle with a new car, Colorado’s air quality benefits. Colorado’s new car dealers have accelerated this process by recycling more than 3,400 trade-in vehicles through our Clear the Air Foundation. Adopting California regulations will raise the price of new vehicles, forcing Colorado consumers to keep driving older, dirtier vehicles longer. That takes Colorado’s air quality in the wrong direction.”

For more information, please contact Tim Jackson at 303-282-1448 or by email at [email protected]o.

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