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The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission (AQCC) is currently drafting a new regulation to require our state to adopt California’s low emission vehicle standards.

You can make your voice heard by joining the movement to oppose the LEV rule currently under consideration and lodge your concern about the future consideration of the ZEV mandate.

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Dear Commissioner:

It is my understanding that the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission is currently receiving public comments on adopting California’s low emission vehicle (LEV) standards in Colorado and may decide in early 2019 to implement California’s Zero Emission Vehicle mandate (ZEV) in the state.

The LEV requirements would have virtually no impact on air quality above and beyond federal standards that are already in place.

Moreover, the people of Colorado already buy more ZEVs than the majority of the country – including many of those states that have adopted the California standards and mandate. There is a lot Colorado can do right now to facilitate ZEV adoption without obligating the state or consumers to an unnecessary mandate. We can learn from the programs that California has implemented and mirror those that work for Coloradans. This includes, among other things:

• common-sense appropriations for building ZEV fueling infrastructure
• realistic consumer incentives for ZEV purchases
• converting the existing tax credit into a point of sale rebate
• extending this rebate through 2025
• creating a point of sales tax exemption
• providing tax credits for installation of EV charging equipment
• reducing vehicle registration costs for electric vehicles
• creating electricity rate structures and utility rebates for home charging equipment
• increase ZEV purchases within state and local government fleets

None of the above require a mandate to implement. And, we keep control over our own air quality standards without ceding authority to regulators hundreds of miles away.

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