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Governor Hickenlooper recently signed an executive order that commits Colorado to adopting California’s low emission vehicle standards. This could mean higher gas prices and spending millions, if not billions, to create the infrastructure to encourage people in our state to buy these vehicles.

If you don’t want California rules to dictate how Colorado regulates our automotive choices, make your voice heard.

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As Coloradans, we are fully committed to protecting our environment and we support sensible initiatives to ensure clean air.

But we cannot support the proposed adoption of California’s aggressive vehicle emissions standards here in Colorado. According to a recent poll, 61 percent of Coloradans share our concern.

The California standards could cost Coloradans hundreds of millions of dollars, increase gas prices dramatically, and limit vehicle choice, without providing any additional protection to the environment.

This is not California. The Colorado way is to incentivize the purchase of low-emission vehicles while preserving Coloradans’ right to drive the cars or trucks they choose. Thanks in part to our state’s $5,000 incentive for zero-emission vehicles, Colorado already is a national leader in the sale of these vehicles.

The adoption of the California plan would drive up gas prices as we are required to shift to carbon-neutral fuel. That hits Colorado small businesses, including farmers and ranchers, especially hard. In a state where three-quarters of all vehicles sold are SUVs, light trucks or crossovers, the California standards would significantly limit consumer choice and artificially drive up the cost of new vehicles.

Now is not the right time for this unnecessary mandate. There are already 30 different models of zero-emission vehicles on sale in Colorado with more on the way. Technology is improving performance, and sales are trending up as more low-emission models become available. In Colorado, the market solution always works better than one-size-fits-all government mandates.

We urge the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission to reject the proposed California mandates. This is our home, and we can ensure clean air and protect our environment without punishing our citizens and disrupting our economy.

Fill out your name, email and location. After you submit the form, you’ll be able to see all the other Coloradans who agree with you.

The Colorado Air Quality Control Commission is currently conducting a rulemaking to determine how the Cal LEV standards should be adopted in Colorado.

If you want the Commissioners to know your views on this proposed regulation, fill out the form below and send a personal message to them.

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